Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Reorganized States..




Backdoor? Any which way you can to disarm us is that it Buck Ofama?

Backdoor Gun Control: Obama to use Executive Order to Ban Lead Ammo Imports?

I do believe Article 1 Section 8 gives Congress the power to regulate commerce, not the President, not in this case pResident!! But what the hell do I know. Just a hard working, tax paying, broken down old paramedic here..


Party Time! Obamas Heading Back To Hawaii For Another Taxpayer-Funded Vacation…

Another vacation with your boyfriend Buck Ofama? What does Mooch and those kids of whosoever do while you frolicking on the beach?

If you actually did something worthwhile and worked for America instead of against it….Maybe we would consider your taking a vacation once in a while, okay. But since you don’t and taking a vacation in my world with my family, puts a financial strain…

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