Freedom Is Just Another Word...

And once they ban guns…

How will they stop this?

Homemade Coilgun Energy Weapon.


For who?

The Mooslims?

Because Buck Ofama sure is sticking it to everyone else!!

Obama Administration Brags about Sticking Up for Religious and Press Freedom


Laugh, shake you head..

This is just….moronic..

Sophomoric Anti-Gun Article a Fun Read But Not Much Else


One of the anti-gun lobby’s leading arguments is that fewer guns equals less violence. This seems like a logical argument, and is often passed on as fact. But, as with most of the arguments the anti-gun left recycles over and over, the facts simply do not back it up.

In the fall issue of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, (and below) Jane M. Orient, M.D. argues there is no evidence-based support for more gun control measures. Rather, the statistics gun-control proponents cite are cherry-picked from larger data sets…

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