Freedom Is Just Another Word...

What the hell?

Would someone please enlighten me as to why a multimillion, hell billion probably, business is ‘tax’ exempt?

Especially one that is a game played by overpaid hoods, thugs, drug users, partner abusers, etc?

Senator wants to sack NFL’s tax-exempt status

Non profit status?


All about me…Obama, all about me..

What an asshole!!

Obama Makes Mandela’s Death All About Obama


Another damn fool politician and all around asswipe, from Minnesota of course!! Minneapolis is really a cesspool of liberal ideology and LIEberals!!!

Rep. Ellison: ‘We Demand’ Obama Raise Minimum Wage by Executive Order


Killing babies? No problem for the Left!

Innocent animals!!!??

That is not acceptable…

Liberals Upset about Cruelty to Animals But Support Abortion





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