Freedom Is Just Another Word...

The Left….pathetic hypocrites…

The Left‘s Responsibility for the Real War on Women

Dancing in the blood of victims to push an agenda Americans do not want, nor will submit to..

Buck Ofama..

Obama Marks Newtown Anniversary With Call For Gun Control

The GOP is no longer the Party of the People.

The GOP is no better then the DemocRATS..

Time to wake up and realize that!!

GOP to Us: We Can’t Win, So Shut Up

If people would take the time and energy to look at this coming failure…..But they won’t. They listen to the talking parrots in the so called media, which should be relabeled to Department of Propaganda…

No child left behind pales to what this crap will do to our schools!!!

Common Core Implementation Will Be Worse Than Obamacare

Is anybody awake enough to see what government is doing?



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