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Malignant Self Love

Education is a wonderful thing.  My brain has been spinning ever since it appears that a very peculiar situation that occurred in Connecticut has turned the government into a beast.  The Second Amendment to the Constitution is cast in stone and the people in Washington are attempting to chip that stone into pieces.

I read parts of a book entitled “Malignant Self Love” this evening and all I could see in the words is someone with whom we are all familiar…  The book is all about narcissistic individuals and how their minds work.  I found it fascinating that pathological narcissism “is maladaptive, rigid, persisting, and causes significant distress, and functional impairment.”

The author, Shmuel Ben David Vaknin, an Israeli writer, lists nine criteria for this personality disorder which are: (modifications in italic)

• Feels grandiose and self-important (e.g., exaggerates…

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