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Did Al Franken Ask The President
To Fix ObamaCare?

(St. Paul) – Senator Al Franken was one of several Senators scheduled to meet with President Obama yesterday evening. Franken has pledged to fix Obamacare, though the Minnesota Senator has yet to offer any solutions. On behalf of all Minnesotans, the Republican Party of Minnesota is demanding that Franken tell us whether he even discussed how to fix Obamacare with the President.

“Canceled insurance plans, higher insurance premiums and a problem-plagued insurance exchange. This is what Senator Franken’s agenda has done for Minnesota,” said Keith Downey, Chairman of The Republican Party of Minnesota. “If Franken truly wants to help Minnesota’s middle class families, he’d do more than keep his head down – he’d keep his word and find a way to fix this Obamacare disaster.”

Sen. Franken To Huddle With President Obama. “U.S. Senate Democrats, including Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken…

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