Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Well this takes him out of consideration..Another so called GOP candidate whom supports Bloomberg’s agenda!!

Find another label McFadden..GOP…HA!!


Give him a call and tell him “No Compromises!”

We’ve seen this time and time again.  A candidate for office claims to be a supporter of the Second Amendment – and then, in the next sentence, calls for support of Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun agenda.

In this case, it’s MN GOP Senate hopeful Mike McFadden, who stated his support for Bloomberg’s anti-rights agenda last year.  He called specifically for universal registration through expanded background checks and other “common sense gun control measures”.

In an interview with WCCO last July, McFadden stated:

“It does bother me that someone who couldn’t pass a background check at Walmart could then go right down to a gun show and buy a gun.  So I would consider expanded background checks, specifically closing that gun show…

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