Sometimes you see behavior in political campaigns that is just not acceptable when you consider the Republican values you and I share. For more than a year, the David Gerson campaign has been generating outright lies and conducting itself in the most inappropriate manner I have seen in my 30 years as a Minnesota Republican activist. This behavior was on display again this weekend at BPOU conventions.

While David Gerson dishonorably bases his campaign on deceit, dishonesty, and a litany of lies, John Kline – as a decorated Marine and devout public servant – has proven to be a man of impeccable integrity at every turn. While David Gerson has spent the past 18 months claiming to defend the Constitution, John has devoted his entire life to upholding and defending it.

For almost two years, 2nd Congressional district Republicans have been intentionally misled by political opportunist David Gerson. He cannot be trusted and he is unfit to serve us in Congress. David Gerson pledges to abide by the endorsement, but in 2012 he lost the GOP endorsement in Minneapolis, then switched races to face John in the Primary.

Three quick examples of David’s litany of lies:

  • Despite what David Gerson claims, John has voted nearly 50 times to repeal, delay, or dismantle ObamaCare. At every turn with every vote, John has been one of Washington’s biggest opponents of this intrusive government takeover of health care.
  • Despite what David Gerson claims, John has championed numerous bills into law, including his very first bill in 2003, the HEROES Act, which ensures our men and women serving overseas are taken care of at home; and just recently his bill – now law – that takes politicians out of the student loan business
  • Despite what David Gerson claims, John has been a trailblazer in his opposition to Common Core. In an effort to stop Common Core from becoming the “ObamaCare of education,” John championed legislation that forbids the President from forcing states to adopt a national curriculum. John is removing the federal footprint from our classrooms.

In letters, e-mails, and public remarks, David Gerson has repeatedly displayed a lack of integrity and complete disregard for the truth by making claims that simply are not true. David Gerson is either greatly confused and ignorant to reality, or he is insulting you – the delegates – with outright deceit.

There is only one credible candidate seeking your endorsement: Your friend, a faithful conservative who consistently has shown the courage, competence, and character needed in Congress – John Kline.