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Democrats’ “Foxhole Conversion” on Taxes Falls Short

In this election year, Minnesota House Democrats cannot wait to be seen in favor of rescinding some of the tax increases they passed last year.

  • Remember, ten months ago Democrats raised state taxes $2.1 billion, hitting every Minnesotan!

But while House Democrats want to be perceived as reducing taxes, they don’t REALLY want to return the $1.2 billion surplus that was announced last week. Their House bill only returns a portion of the surplus to taxpayers and they are lining up the spending increase proposals as we speak!

  • After raising taxes $2.1 billion, including $90 million for a new office building, how is it even possible that some Democrats want to SPEND the surplus money?

House Democrat Rep. Ryan Winkler was just being honest when he said he is glad that the Senate is holding its progressive ground – i.e…

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