Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Protect Privacy or Accept Government Control

He who holds the data makes the rules. If you haven’t figured this out, it’s almost too late. Obama knows it. In 2009, his team mandated electronic medical records and $27 billion to make it happen as a “foundation” for health care reform.

If you wonder whether medical privacy is important, check out Minnesota, where the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and the Democrat-controlled legislature plan to eliminate all medical privacy rights. Bills being fast-tracked include:

  • GENETIC GRAB: Repeal of hard-won parent consent requirements for government storage, use, and sharing of Baby DNA and newborn (genetic) screening test results for genetic research. The forces supporting repeal (including the MN Medical Association) have boatloads of lobbyists meeting with legislators.
  • CONTROL OF DOCTORS: Creation of a new tracking database on heart attack patients and a mandate that government require physician use of “evidence-based” treatment protocols…

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