Freedom Is Just Another Word...


With another deadline fast approaching for government mandated health insurance, there are still an abundance of problems with MNsure. The IRS can charge a penalty to anyone without insurance by the March 31st deadline, and this is a serious concern as thousands of Minnesotans continue to struggle to get insured through the ineffective and bureaucratic mess that is MNsure.

The MNsure Board met last week to discuss their latest enrollment numbers and how they plan to fund themselves going forward. With numbers far below even their lowest expectations, I am concerned that premiums will rise and that MNsure will return to the legislature next year asking for more money on top of the $150 million taxpayers have already spent to build the exchange.

Taxes on private plans are how MNsure planned to fund themselves after 2015. With the newest numbers showing only 33,680 enrollments are “in process” for commercial…

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