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Democrat Tax “Relief” Measure Falls Short

Democrats raised taxes in Minnesota by $2,100,000,000.00 in 2013. Yes, $2.1 Billion to grow state spending almost 10%.  Now that they are up for re-election, no one should be surprised that they’ve been scrambling to undo some of the damage. 
Unfortunately, their action to limit the consequences of their own overreach falls woefully short.

The tax bill passed Friday provides minor relief from the $2.1 Billion self-inflicted wound Democrats gave our State in 2013, which is good. But the Democrats are sending just 30% of the $1.2 billion surplus their tax increase created back to Minnesota families

This leaves more than half of the $1.2 billion surplus for Governor Dayton and Democrats to spend, and they will!
The reality is that even after this half-measure, Minnesota Democrats have increased state spending by over $1,500 for every person in our state.

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