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Who Would Have a Reason to Lie?

Mothers in support of medical marijuana came forward, at a press conference, with information that Gov. Mark Dayton told them to buy marijuana off the street. (Watch Video Here)

At first Gov. Dayton did not deny the claims, but when he realized this was a bad political move he denied ever telling Minnesota mothers to buy pot illegally.
(Watch Video Here)

Not only is Dayton insulting women by telling them to commit a crime for their sick children, he is also lying about it.

One of the mothers advocating for medical marijuana, Jessica Hauser, said, “It’s just really disappointing in a top official to first suggest it and then deny it,” Hauser said, adding, “I have no reason to lie.”

Mothers like Jessica Hauser do not deserve to be insulted and then called liars by Gov. Dayton. However this is not the first time Governor…

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