Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Another piece of garbage shoved down Minnesota School’s and Parent’s throats by those idiots in St Paul..Non Partisan for the most part and couple of Democrats voted against it.

What IS the Bullying Bill (H.F. 826)?

The Bullying Bill is a piece of legislation with 

NO bipartisan support, yet it’s being shoved through the legislature by liberal legislators. Supporters claim this bill is supposed to protect students from bullying, when in reality it ironically bullies schools into complying with a top-down, one-size-fits-all approach to addressing student behavior that is untested and unproven–and sending them a $20 Million annual bill for it; bullies parents by refusing to honor their right to be involved on deeply important matters like bullying in schools; and bullies students into complying with a St. Paul-mandated approach to bullying that is vague, unclear, and lacking in important religious freedom and speech protections for them. 

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