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Mark Dayton’s Increasing Pattern of Deception Makes Him Unfit to be Governor

Yesterday’sStar Tribune investigative reportbombshell shows that Gov. Mark Dayton was fully briefed on MNSure’s problems on September 19, 2013, less than two weeks before its launch date of October 1st.

“April Todd-Malmlov, who had led the project, delivered a warning to the governor and his top advisers: No one was certain the new website built to help thousands of uninsured Minnesotans get health coverage would actually work.  The number of computer bugs in the system had recently surged from 237 to 270. And one-third of them were so severe that no stopgap fixes were possible.”

  • Yet days later, Dayton lied to the public saying “MNSure is ready to go” and “in “phenomenal shape”. (Full Story)
  • Four days before MNSure’s go-live, Dayton bizarrely penned ahandwritten notethanking MNSure employees for their work “to make MNSure a go

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