Freedom Is Just Another Word...

H.F. 826

No one thinks kids bullying each other is a good thing, so why is this bill a bad idea?

  1. In a bill supposedly about bullying, the bill doesn’t even protect ALL students from bullying equally–certain listed “classifications” of students are granted greater protection than others.
  2. The bill forces a one-size-fits-all unfunded mandate on all school districts, regardless of whether the school district, community, parents & students have already worked together to create a bullying policy that WORKS for that district.
  3. The Bullying Bill usurps local school districts’ and parents’ authority by creating new bureaucracy (a “School Climate Center” within the Dept. of Education) and red tape–with an unfunded $20 million annual mandate–for an approach to bullying that hasn’t even been proven…anywhere.
  4. The bill’s definition of bullying is so broad it could punish students as “bullies” merely for expressing a different opinion or belief that is…

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