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Politicians’ Palace

Minnesota Democrats are forging ahead with their plan to spend $77 Million on an extravagant and unnecessary new office building. We don’t need this Palace for Politicians. This is an irresponsible use of taxpayer money, especially since 
$20 million dollars was set aside to provide temporary space during the capitol refurbishment. 

The Facts:

  • In 2013 Democrats increased taxes by $2.1 Billion and now they want to spend $77 million on a palace for themselves while Minnesota families foot the bill.
  • Democrats are spending $1,149,253 per Senator even though they already have offices in the capitol, a beautiful and historic building.
  • Democrats approved increasing the space of the Senate Legislative Office Building but delayed the construction of the public parking garage so they can say it will cost less than the original plan.
  • And Democrats have not disclosed the number of new bureaucrats and annual costs.

If you had $77 million, is…

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