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April 9, 2014

Legislature Ironically Passes “Anti-Bullying Legislation” That Bullies Schools, Parents, and Children

Minneapolis – Just after midnight, in a vote largely along party lines, the Minnesota House DFL members concurred with and passed the Senate’s version of the “Bullying Bill,” with all Republican members voting against the bill. The bill’s next stop will be Governor Mark Dayton’s desk.

The House passed the Senate version of the bill by a vote of 69-63, where every Republican Representative and three DFL Representatives voted against the bill. Similarly, the Senate also passed the bill with no bipartisan support, but with bipartisan opposition, by a 36-31 vote last week. Senate DFL leadership refused repeatedly to amend the bill to include stronger protections for parental rights, and even refused to simply require that the mandated school district bullying policies contain a basic clarification that the policies will not infringe upon…

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