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Mike McFadden on AM1130’s “Up and At Em” show TODAY around 8:0am – Give him a call!

Mike McFadden, Candidate for US Senate, will be on the Jack and Ben “Up and At Em” show Friday on AM1130 – most likely around 8am, but may be on earlier.

As many of you know, McFadden has refused to answer direct questions about his position on our Second Amendment rights.  In June of last year, he stated that he was looking to close the gun show loophole – but more recently he’s started to back off of that position.

He’s even recently send out letters to state campaign delegates touting his “strong support of the Second Amendment”.

McFadden has been notoriously vague on a number of issues – but his vagueness on the Second Amendment should be a frightening prospect to any gun owner in Minnesota.


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