Freedom Is Just Another Word...

The average American is working until April 21 just to pay taxes — the longest since World War II. But it gets worse, with…

 * 7.64 billion hours to file our returns

* $227.1 billion spent to comply


The federal tax code is 75,000 pages!

 Are we getting law and order? No. Instead, you use the money to…

 * give to your corporate cronies

* spy on my computer and molest me at airports

* imprison non-violent people

* wage illegal wars that anger foreigners and make us LESS safe

 Indeed, most of what you do is CRIMINAL.

 And I do NOT want my name or my money attached to these evils.

 It is BECAUSE what you do is criminal, that you have to resort to force. If what you did was justified, you could persuade me and I would donate.


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