Freedom Is Just Another Word...



Facebook shows once again it is against Free Speech..


Helluva  lot of terrorists out there then..

Standing Up To Government Is Now Domestic Terrorism


Chris Hayes of Morons Spouting Nothing But Crap..


Bundy supporter OWNS Chris Hayes on MSNBC: ‘We will not allow governance by gunpoint, ever’


Are you on the ‘List’?

Obama’s List Of Future FEMA Detainees, All U.S. Citizens


You Won’t Believe The Method That Common Core Is Using To Teach Our Kids Subtraction


If you are going to continuously attack an inanimate object in your efforts to take it away from law abiding tax paying Americans.

You should at least have a clue what you are talking about..

But it is the left and hysterics, threats and ignorance are their trademarks.

Whiny little pricks Atheists are.

Protesting what they do not believe in..

Why? If they don’t…

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