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Close Call – Soapbox 05/05/14

Something diabolical, something that would have adversely affected the rights of every American came frighteningly close to happening in the US Senate last year and I’ll bet you didn’t even know it was happening, I know I didn’t.

On March 23, 2013, an amendment to “uphold the Second Amendment and prevent the United States from entering into United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (United Nations Resolution 2117)” which lists 21 points dealing with firearm control, was narrowly passed by the U.S. Senate 53-46. One of the points is for member states to support collection and disarmament of all UN countries, in other words your second amendment rights would have been given over to the most corrupt, inept, America hating organization on the planet, the United Nations, came dangerously close to being ratified by the US Senate.

And here’s the frightening part, 46 out of 100 Senators…

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