Another Session, More Failed Leadership From Mark Dayton

Under the “leadership” of Governor Mark Dayton, Minnesota Democrats passed billions of dollars in new wasteful government spending but left Minnesota families with higher bills, less opportunity, and less hope for the future. 

See our recent communication to Minnesotans.

Without a Republican Legislature to constrain him, in just two years Mark Dayton…

  • Signed over $2 Billion in tax increases, then claimed he was unaware of what was in the bills.
  • Told Minnesota mothers to buy marijuana on the street. 
  • Refused to provide any real leadership to open the mines and create jobs for the Iron Range
  • Approved a nearly $90 Million Senate Office Building plan that expands Dayton’s office by 62%.
  • Increased spending by $3,000 per Minnesota family.
  • Gave us MNSure, Minnesota’s failing Obamacare exchange, causing 140,000 Minnesotans to lose their health insurance.







After increasing spending 10% and raising taxes $2.1 Billion, Mark Dayton and Democrats decided to spend it on a lavish politician palace. Would you raise taxes and spend it on this?

Mark Dayton and the Democrats are just more big spending, big taxing politicians

Together we can #DumpDayton and elect a Republican Governor who will fight to for your needs and your family!

Sign up to volunteer and #DumpDayton this November!