Iron Range Begging Al Franken For Republican Solutions

“The DFL Iron Range legislative delegation has fired off a letter to Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken, using language that sounds like the GOP’s campaign themes.”(MinnPost).







The Republican Party of Minnesota pledged their support to Minnesota mining as the first cause championed by its Solution Centerbut what about Al Franken?

Franken relies on classic politician doublespeak to make it look like he favors mining, but he does absolutely nothing! It’s no coincidence he’s raising so much money from liberal extremists out of state.

Hardworking Minnesotans are begging Al Franken for Republican solutions. They are writing letters saying mining is, “a tremendous opportunity for both the region and the state.” (MinnPost).

Yet Al Franken continues to ignore the needs and wants of Minnesotans.