It’s time for proven energy solutions and independence

Republicans focus on responsible energy policy and its economic and jobs benefits 

Today, Republicans announced they will promote sound energy solutions as part of an ongoing rollout of causes promoted by the Solution Center.

“Reliable, affordable energy is within our reach, and the economic and jobs benefits are huge,” said Keith Downey, Republican Party Chairman. “Yet it seems every time we turn around there is another government-funded pet energy project going bankrupt, another shortage of fuel, or another rate increase. This is unsustainable.”

Minnesotans experienced the devastating effects of an inadequate energy supply firsthand with the recent propane shortage. But it is not just a drastic shortage that is plaguing energy users. Consumers have seen steady rate increases over the past few years, and can expect to see the same in the future. Minnesota’s once renowned low cost of energy is at risk of disappearing forever.

“People are going to be faced with an inability to pay their energy bills, and when that happens they are at risk of having their utility service disconnected,” said Pam Marshall, executive director of the Energy Cents Coalition (MPR News, 11/05/2013). A 4.6% rate increase was approved for Xcel Energy last December, Great River Energy increased rates by 4% in 2012, and earlier this month CenterPoint Energy was approved for a 3.6% increase.

“Democrats are thwarting Keystone XL while funneling more money into subsidized projects that show no real benefit other than for the power brokers who own the favored businesses,” Downey said. “What we really need are sustainable solutions that help real people. Energy must be reliable and it must be affordable, and it’s all possible.”

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