Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Tell Target: don’t be bullied by a billionaire!

The Bloomberg puppet organization, “Moms Demand Action,” is pressuring Target stores to ban all carry at Target stores.

These “checkbook activists” are buying press attention, social media exposure and petition drives to push their extreme anti-rights agenda.

Target needs to hear from us — the law-abiding, rights-respecting MAJORITY.

Please call or email Target headquarters in Minneapolis, and tell them to respect your rights and the law.

Our message must be calm, positive and polite!

We won’t win by screaming, but by calmly persuading. Target is a business, and they will make the decision that they think is best for the bottom line.

Please tell them, in your own words (please don’t just copy and paste):

  • The “Moms” group — actually Michael Bloomberg’s billlions — is trying to rope Target into their extreme agenda
  • Permit holders are overwhelmingly more law abiding 

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