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How Franken Truly Feels about Wall Street

Franken Takes Over $800,000 In Campaign Contributions From Finance Industry

This must be a joke, right? Al Franken criticized the financial industry in his latest TV ad, but he has no problem relying on it to fund his campaign.

Fact: Franken accepted $809,105 in campaign contributions from the securities and investments industry, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

“Actions speak louder than words. Al Franken may talk tough in his TV ads, but he’s spent the last six years taking campaign contributions from the same ‘rigged’ system,” said Keith Downey MNGOP Chairman. “Al Franken’s hypocrisy is stunning and proves that he will say or do just about anything to win re-election so he can continue to help President Obama kick families off of their insurance and drive this economy sideways.”

This isn’t the only example of liberal hypocrisy from Al Franken and his allies. Democrats…

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