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Franken Hiding From His Record After Backing Out Of Obama Events

President Obama is visiting Minnesota today and tomorrow and even though Sen. Franken said he would “welcome Pres. Obama” he backed out at the last second. We all know Sen. Franken’s record is a rubber stamp of the unpopular President and now Franken is hiding from his record.

In response to President Obama’s campaign swing into Minnesota, Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman Keith Downey released the following statement today:

“Just ten Months after promising to welcome the president to Minnesota, Al Franken is now running from the President he has supported 98% of the time. The Obama-Franken agenda is sending this country in the wrong direction. Just yesterday we learned that the healthcare law is another reason for the shrinking economy,” said Keith Downey MNGOP Chairman. “Al Franken may be able to run away from Obama today…

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