Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Even After Supreme Court Ruling, Dayton Still Going After Moms And Small Women-Owned Businesses.

The recent Harris v. Quinn decision by the United States Supreme Court held that private care providers who work for customers, but receive government subsidies, are not public employees and cannot be required to pay dues or fees to a union for “representation” under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Independent child care provider, Jennifer Parrish, along with 11 other child care business owners, are challenging a similar law enacted by Democrat Governor Mark Dayton.

Parrish reacted after the Supreme Court decision saying, “We applaud the ruling and thank the Supreme Court Justices for putting the individual rights of citizens like us over the interests of powerful unions.”  She added, “In light of this ruling, we call on Governor Dayton to immediately halt all legal challenges to our lawsuit.”

However, the ruling isn’t stopping…

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