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Frank(en)ly Hypocritical
Democrat Attacks GOPers Who Supported President Bush, Won’t Comment On Voting With Obama 97% Of The Time

Minneapolis, Minn. – Using Sen. Franken’s own words against him, the Republican Party of Minnesota today released a new video that juxtaposes the Al Franken of 2008 with the Al Franken of 2014. At 2008’s Farmfest, Franken relentlessly attacked his opponent for voting with President Bush, but at Farmfest last week, Sen. Franken refused to discuss his own record of supporting President 97% of the time.

“Why is it that Al Franken refuses to be honest about voting with President Obama 97% of the time?” asked MNGOP Chairman Keith Downey. “In 2008, Minnesotans couldn’t turn on the TV without listening to Franken rail against his opponent for voting with an unpopular President, but now that he’s voted with Obama 97% of the time, Franken refuses to talk about his unwavering support…

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