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Time For Chairman Martin To Ask Senator Franken To Apologize

Traffic Cone Video Proves Franken Hasn’t Changed At All

Saint Paul, Minn. – Citing a video in which Senator Al Franken parades around a fundraiser with traffic cones breasts, Republican legislators and RPM Chairman Keith Downey today called on DFL Chairman Ken Martin to demand that Sen. Franken apologize for continuing to display a pattern of disrespect towards women.

“Earlier this year, a video surfaced of Sen. Franken walking around with traffic cones on his chest – clearly pretending that they were breasts. This wasn’t some ‘Saturday Night Live’ skit from yesteryear – this video was from an event in 2012. Months after the video surfaced online, Sen. Franken has yet to apologize or otherwise provided an explanation for this very un-Senatorial behavior,” the legislators said in the letter. “As the old saying goes, ‘a leopard cannot change its spots’…

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