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Governor Dayton and Democrats Choose Union Bosses Over Students

When it comes to education, Democrat Gov. Mark Dayton has his priorities all wrong. While he is focused on appeasing union bosses, he is ignoring the needs of Minnesota students.

Republicans introduced solutions focused on creating excellent schools and teachers for all children, but Democrats like Mark Dayton stood firmly in the way because leaders of the teachers union did not agree.

Gov. Mark Dayton and the Democrat majority…

  • Blocked Republican attempts to reform the system and ensure no child is stuck with an ineffective teacher two years in a row (2013 HJ 3835).
  • Eliminated academic graduation requirements for high school students, lowering standards for high school graduation (2013 HJ 6514).
  • Weakened the requirement that teachers pass an academic skills test before becoming licensed to teach in the classroom (2014 HJ 10337).

Do you see a pattern?


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