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Minnesota’s Obamacare Exchange Is Failing
KSTP: Insurance Company with Lowest Rates, Most Customers Pulls Out of MNsure

Mark Dayton is in Washington D.C. fundraising with mega-donors while Obamacare in Minnesota is failing miserably. The largest insurance provider in MNsure, PreferredOne, has pulled out of Obamacare in Minnesota. The reason: the Obamacare exchange is “not sustainable” financially or administratively for the company.

According to KSTP, PreferredOne leaving MNsure will have a major impact on MNsure customers this fall. PreferredOne insured 59% of Minnesotans on the exchange, all of whom will have to go back through the nightmare of purchasing MNsure healthcare again. Minnesotans will likely be forced to pay even higher rates for healthcare with fewer choices, and the overall financial model of MNsure is at risk.

Mark Dayton is responsible for these problems. He lied to Minnesotans about their severity. He ignored Republican warnings about MNsure’s viability long term…

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