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Frankly Indecent

Minneapolis, Minn. – Democrat Al Franken’s new ad calls into question his sincerity about the issue of rape. Minnesotans should be reminded that Sen. Franken was dogged in 2008 by disturbing jokes he made about the sexual assault of women, with several Democratic women in the state calling on him for an apology.

“Minnesota women haven’t forgotten Senator Franken’s sick and disgusting humor when he talked about raping women. Al Franken is just trying to mask his own hypocrisy. It’s absolutely disingenuous and appalling for Senator Franken to talk about helping rape victims when he himself joked about sexually assaulting women,” said Brittni Palke, MNGOP Spokeswoman.

Franken Flashback: Franken Dogged By Rape Jokes In 2008

SICK! Franken Jokes About Raping Lesley Stahl. “Franken:  And, ‘I give the pills to Lesley Stahl. Then, when Lesley’s passed out, I take her to the closet and rape her.’ Or, ‘That’s why…

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