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7 Days and 7 Reasons to Stop Mark Dayton
Governor’s continued incompetence causing real harm to Minnesota

Minneapolis, Minn. – The Republican Party of Minnesota announced today at a press conference a media campaign to educate Minnesota voters on the issue of incompetence by Governor Mark Dayton and his administration.  The campaign is titled “Stop the Incompetence.  Stop Mark Dayton.” and will highlight seven issues as told by news reports and stories from major media outlets, one each day over the final seven days until the election.

“Mark Dayton is good at taking credit for fixing problems he created and ducking responsibility for his mistakes, but voters should be aware of the litany of problems his leadership has caused,” said Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman, Keith Downey.  “From inconsiderate treatment of citizens, to wasting taxpayer money, to hurting our business climate, to mismanagement that creates the potential for real harm…

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