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From a fellow Conservative!!!

But how about the WSJ? Headline story about the impact of “cheap”$3/gallon gas, and today posted gas prices rise 20 cents to $3.20/gallon.
Here’s a Heard On The Street story with a twist for you. Farmers are seething over corn prices down from $7/bu to $3/bu and beans from $15 to under $10/bu. Ouch! And farm auctions in the Midwest suddenly being cancelled as bids don’t reach sellers minimums.
Tie this in with the locomotive shortage. Local story in MN has taconite companies trucking taconite to Lake Superior. Locomotives pulled to haul oil trains. Other local stories have coal fired electric generating plants in the Midwest closing to save stockpiles for winter, with many stockpiles down 40%. And Central Valley Co-op of Owatonna saying they can’t get half the Canadian potash needed to be imported by spring scheduled due to the locomotive shortage.
Now put two…

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