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Reason #7: Unaware What’s In His Bills

Stop The Incompetence. Stop Mark Dayton.

Incompetence CountdownAs voters head to the polls next Tuesday, they need to be aware that Governor Mark Dayton and his administration have a record littered with examples of incompetence. With 7 days left, we are featuring 7 reasons to stop Mark Dayton.

Reason #7: Unaware what’s in his bills

That’s right, Governor Mark Dayton has claimed he didn’t know what was in bills he not only signed, but which he negotiated himself or his administration proposed:

  1. ​”Dayton has said he wasn’t aware until it was tool too late that it also included farm equipment.” (MPR, 8/19/2013)
  2. Dayton: Vikings snuck personal seat licenses into bill. (MPR 8/9/2013)
  3. “Mark Dayton says he wasn’t aware that projections of how much revenue new forms of charitable gaming would generate for the Vikings Stadium were developed with input from the gambling industry.” (Pioneer…

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