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Reason #6: Crushing Business And Jobs In Minnesota
Stop The Incompetence. Stop Mark Dayton.

The election is 6 days away and it’s important you know the pattern of incompetence Democrat Mark Dayton has brought to Minnesota.

Reason #6: Crushing business and jobs in Minnesota

Over the last four years, Democrat Mark Dayton has imposed policies that are crushing business and jobs in our state.

  1. “Dayton signs $2.1 billion tax bill into law.” (Star Tribune, 5/23/13)
  2. “Each of these is undesirable tax policy. They build hidden taxes into the prices consumers pay for goods and take a hidden toll on employee compensation in the affected industries.” (Star Tribune, 8/13/13)
  3. Dayton made it clear mining jobs on the Iron Range are not a priority when he said, “The minerals aren’t going anywhere.” (Mesabi Daily News, 10/4/14)
  4. Dayton appointed 3 members of the Public Utilities Commission that voted 3-2 to delay the Sandpiper…

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