Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Dayton’s incompetence has created problems that will only continue if given a second term. Considering all the failed policies Dayton has passed, this one was downright horrifying.

Reason #5: Signed a law making it harder to investigate abuse reports

The Dayton administration issued guidance to local child protection services and social workers in 2012 and then passed it into law in 2014. This policy made it harder to investigate reported cases of abuse. All the while, in Minnesota 71% of child maltreatment cases are screened out and not investigated.

  1. “The Legislature overwhelmingly approved a bill that forbids county child protection agencies from considering past abuse reports that were rejected when deciding whether to investigate a new report.” (Star Tribune, 9/8/14)
  2. “The state’s top child protection official wants to scrap a law her…

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