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Reason #3: Told Mothers To Buy Pot Off The Street
Stop The Incompetence. Stop Mark Dayton.

Earlier this year, Governor Mark Dayton displayed a shocking insensitivity when he told a group of mothers to buy pot off the street for their ill children. His behavior was insulting and offensive.

Reason #3: Told mothers to buy pot off the street

Minnesota has a Governor who thinks it’s okay to insult women by telling them to commit a crime. Not to mention the fact that he is advocating for mothers to illegally buy an uncontrolled drug off the street, which could be extremely dangerous for their children.

  1. “Parents in support of legalizing medical marijuana say Gov. Mark Dayton urged them to buy pot illegally on Minnesota streets to help their severely sick children.” (WCCO, 3/26/14)
  2. Mothers were shocked when Dayton suggested “they can buy pot illegally on the street” to treat their…

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