Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Democrat Mark Dayton fully embraced Obamacare, creating an expensive and broken exchange known as MNsure. The rollout of MNsure was a disaster; the $155 million website was broken when it launched, and it has caused health insurance premiums to skyrocket. Dayton deceived the public about the problems, and on top of it all, MNsure managers received bonuses in spite of the failures.

Reason #2: Obamacare bonuses for failed system and cost increases

Dayton’s administration needs to take responsibility. His only answer? In the debate last Friday, he said they are “working around the clock” to make sure MNsure is ready for the upcoming November 15th open enrollment period. (Almanac, 10/31/14)

Seriously, after 18 months and now up to $189 million dollars, the website still doesn’t work right, so people have to work around the…

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