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Reason #1: $90 Million Political Palace
Stop The Incompetence. Stop Mark Dayton.

In 2013, Democrat Mark Dayton raised taxes by $2.1 billion, and to celebrate he went on a wasteful spending spree. Dayton increased government spending by 12% and approved an unnecessary $90 million political palace. His actions were wasteful and irresponsible.

Reason #1: $90 million political palace

Dayton’s support of this unnecessary building is the definition of government waste, and the only people looking to benefit from it are Democrat politicians.

  1. The plan signed by Gov. Mark Dayton expands the Governor’s office in the Capitol by a whopping 62%. That’s almost double! (Video)
  2. After the $90 million building is built, 23 legislators may actually have 2 offices. Remember, these are part-time legislators! (KSTP, 10/21/14)
  3. Republicans had a cost-effective solution to rent temporary office space while the Capitol was renovated. The government even set aside money for it, but instead…

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