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Right to Keep and Bear Arms Amendment to the Minnesota Constitution

This fundamental right is guaranteed in 46 other states’ constitutions…but not in Minnesota. It’s long past time to enshrine this right in our own state’s highest law.

Ban “Emergency” Orders for Gun Confiscation*

Remember when police went door to door after Hurricane Katrina, confiscating people’s self defense firearms just when they were needed most? Governor Dayton could make such an order tomorrow. That option should be off the table.

Gun Confiscation

Legalize Firearm Suppressors

These important safety devices not only make shooting quieter and more enjoyable, but they can keep you from permanently damaging your hearing if you have to fire a gun in your home. They’re legal in 39 other states. Why not Minnesota?

Legalize Suppressors

Constitutional Carry

We don’t pay a fee to speak. We don’t have to pass a background check to go to…

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