Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Democrat Gov. Mark Dayton approved more than $700,000 in pay raises for his political appointees in state government bureaucracies, while Minnesotans are left to pay the bill.

Just how outrageous are these government pay raises? The chair of the Met Council received an $84,000 raise, he now makes over $144,000! (2/5/15, WCCO)

Click here to view all pay raises.

Republicans like Representative Roz Peterson are standing up for Minnesotans against Dayton. She said, “At a time when take-home pay for families remains flat and some Minnesotans are still struggling to make ends meet, it’s outrageous that the Governor would approve enormous salary increases for commissioners and political appointees already making six-figure salaries.” (Full Statement)

In 2013, Dayton imposed the largest tax increase in Minnesota’s history of $2.1 billion. Now he wants another $6 billion tax increase using a general sales tax…

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