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The worst MN gun control bill we’ve seen in years!

Dear Kevin,

Since 1989, GOCRA has been your gun rights watchdog at the Capitol. We get the job done with your support. Can you kick in five or ten bucks a month to help?

When the Bloomberg money keeps flowing, the gun controllers keep finding new ways to take away guns — and rights. This year’s attempt is the most despicable, underhanded attempt we’ve ever seen.

This week, Rep. Dan Schoen and Sen. Ron Latz introduced…well, we call it the Sign Away Your Rights & Rat Out Your Family Act. The Bloomberg bill, HF1361/SF1289, starts with the assumption that every gun owner is a ticking time bomb. The bill would encourage doctors to trick you into giving up your gun rights, and encourage your most anti-gun family member to petition a court to take away…

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