Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee
Earlier this week, I commented to one of our staffers that we really hadn’t seen any anti-gun bills so far this legislative session.

That changed earlier this week when Senator Ron Latz and Representative Dan Schoen introduced the most onerous unconstitutional anti-gun bill we’ve seen in the last two years.

SF1289 (Senate version) and HF1361 (House version), cleverly described as a way for law enforcement and family members to petition the court to prohibit people who are dangerous from possessing a firearm, is nothing but an attempt to make it as easy as possible for gun grabbers to get their hands on your firearms.
In the Senate, it’s even called the “Red Flag” bill.

Needless to say, this bill raises many red flags in our minds.

Here are just a few of the onerous provisions that are buried within this bill:

  • This bill allows family members, anti-gun activists, and…

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