Freedom Is Just Another Word...


Here’s an update about what’s going on at the Capitol, at GOCRA, and around the state:

Support Your Rights – Support GOCRA:

For more than 25 years, GOCRA has fought for, protected, and won back our Second Amendment rights. We can’t do that without you, and the opposition, led by New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg, is getting more and more sophisiticated and agressive every year. Can you help us continue to fight for your rights with a new or renewing membership?

Our Pro-2A Bills:

In the House:

There are five good pro-rights bills that are awaiting a vote in the full Minnesota House. We are waiting for House GOP leadership to schedule a date for these votes. All of these bills have strong bipartisan support, and we can’t think of any reason that House Speaker Kurt Daudt would fail to schedule these five bills for next week. After…

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