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Gun Rights Victory in the House – No thanks to David Bly!

Rep. Jon Applebaum, asleep at the switchRep. Jon Applebaum was one of only 20 representatives who voted NO on all four GOCRA-supported bills.

Thursday, the Minnesota House passed four pro-Second Amendment bills with strong bipartisan support.

None of that support came from your state representative, Rep. David Bly, who voted NO on all four of the bills.

Rep David Bly voted NO on these bills:

  • Rep. Jim Newberger’s HF722, limiting state emergency powers
  • Rep. Mark Anderson’s HF1434, legalizing suppressors
  • Rep. Jim Nash’s HF372, reforming Capitol notification
  • Rep. Eric Lucero’s HF830, clarifying interstate purchase of long guns

Keep in mind, HF830 wasn’t even a change in policy, just a clarification of language that was 29 years out of date. Rep David Bly wants gun laws to be hard to understand and follow!

Rep David Bly is becoming an increasingly rare specimen. As the Star…

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