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Pro-2A bills pass Senate, but Dayton vows to veto suppressors


Last night, the Minnesota Senate voted 40-23 in favor of our five pro-2A bills, with “yes” votes from all Republicans present, and 13 of 36 Democrats — but not your senator, Kevin Dahle.

The most visible bill, HF1434, would allow Minnesota to join 39 other states that allow its citizens to legally own firearm sound suppressors — after a ridiculously thorough triple background check.

That bill passed the Minnesota House one week ago, with a vote of 89-40, including “yes” votes from 20 House DFL members.

Vote tally

Your Senator Voted No

Your senator, Kevin Dahle, voted AGAINST your Second Amendment rights. Please call or email him (info below) and tell him that you do not agree with his vote.  Remind him that Second Amendment rights are important to you, and strongly influence your vote. Ask him to read our fact sheets at 

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