Freedom Is Just Another Word...


Governor Mark Dayton just informed the legislature that he will sign SF878 – the Omnibus Public Safety Bill into law.

Your efforts as stalwart advocates for the Second Amendment made this happen!


What does this mean for gun owners?

Later this year, as the laws take effect, the following provisions will be in effect:

  • The Governor will no longer have the authority to seize your firearms during a ‘state of emergency’
  • Ownership and use of suppressors will be legal for all lawful purposes
  • Permit to Carry holders will no longer need to provide notification to the Commissioner of Public Safety to carry at the MN State Capitol complex
  • The process for the Commissioner of Public Safety to determine reciprocity for permit holders with other states will be simplified
  • Minnesota law will be clarified as to the purchase of long guns in other states

This is a great…

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